Family History

23 Oct

Hey guys!

We were supposed to have a baptism this week, but she got sick and started puking 30 minutes before the baptism. So that was a bummer, and when we don’t leave in the morning we cant really go work because our areas are all mountainous! So we went somewhere close, well on the top of a different mountain. And the it just poured rain on us the whole night hahaha! I was so wet is was pretty crazy! But that is life in the Philippines!
It’s cool to hear about Eric’s camera. good to know people change!
Sadly this week the camera that I bought for 12 dollars on Amazon died. 😦 oh well it lasted while it lasted! But that was a pretty good 20 month run. But the lens would just not open for some reason. OH well.
Our mission is doing family history now. Its’ freaking easy here, everybody is christened so we can get records for anything! But I looked up ours, you know the Booth (no “e”) goes all the way back to the 12th century? We are related to a bunch of Sirs and 1 Knight, pretty cool. The Gomez comes from de Portugal from Spain. Grandpa Boothe was a member I didn’t even know that.
If mom and dad, can you guys email me next week about how our family became members, that would be cool. Oh dad Grandma Boothe’s Family history has not been done yet! You could do that. Love you guys! Hope you all have a great week!

A Missionary Moment with Ya’ll

16 Oct

Hello family!

Things are going pretty good here.

Conference was pretty dang awesome in my opinion. You know all of the apostles as far as “life success” go are pretty big figures. Dallin H. Oaks was supreme court justice. You don’t get the that title by being an idiot. And Nelson was the best heart surgeon in the world. They give messages that really apply to life, I like it, they are not superficial teachers, they are real people talking about real things. And I like how Ballard said the apostles don’t live in a bubble. They are actually even more outside a bubble than we are pretty much.
This week was tough. That hurricane in Japan is causing just a ton of rain in our area, and everything is muddy here so it makes going places not very fun for us 😦 we did not teach a ton of lessons but 8 investigators showed up to church for conference and they loved it even though they could not understand the English!!! Translating English to Ilonggo is a major challenge, the words do not connect!!!
Right now we have a family on the way to be dunked on the 25th!!! So hopefully that follows through! They are just little poor farmers with huge hearts!! And we are also teaching a husband. Which is unheard of in the Philippines, so this guy is somewhat of a miracle the fact that he is entertaining. He wants to be baptized, he feels really guilty for a drug addiction during his early life and not being nice to his wife while they were early into their marriage, but he is trying to change and he thinks the church is going to help him do it!
Had an intellectual discussion last night-hard to answer these people’s questions about the Book of Mormon. But I do a pretty good job, my companion was quiet but I got pretty fired up! That’s why I love our family, we talk like smart people.
So you all should take a peep  into your Books of Mormon. I know you are all busy, but give a few moments and see if it adds something to you. In fact Dad, I challenge you to read it cover to cover before I get home. McKenna, it answers the “questions of the soul” Eric, the Book of Mormon has a ton of insights on law from an ancient people. if you have time. Josh, it’s a great story and inspires imagination. Mom, it talks about worried parents.
Anyways, try it. I know it’s difficult but I am just tying to have a missionary moment with ya’ll 🙂
Love you guys keep up the pace. 2 months na lang!


16 Oct

Hello my pupils!!!

Well this week not really to much to report on!!! We had a baptism this Saturday, he was just a part member kid so it was pretty easy to manage that! But dang that families place is way far away, going out there is a day long journey haha!!
The work here is not going as well as I would like it to. It’s harvest season here so everybody is busy because there is work and people are making money. So they don’t really care about humble tall white guys!
The coolest thing that happened this week was we were talking to one of our investigators up in the mountain and the dad comes out of his house and is like “Elder do you now how to find gold?”
Funny story about this, lots of people think that we are gold hunters here, because one of the churches was built on top of a quarry that had “treasure” in it supposedly, but I said no and the mother proceeded to tell me the story
So apparently back when the Japanese were here they found gold and diamonds, and whenever Japanese invade they bury crates and boxes so they can return. They bury gold weapons and machines. When the Americans got here the Japanese took off and left all this stuff behind. And also over in that place is a burial yard. They just threw the bodies there and they have holes they would throw them down into. Apparently some guy caught word of that 3 years ago and totally excavated the whole lot. Now he is freaking rich, they said he even found a Samuri sword. which is worth millions if its legit. Then she was like “Well there are 3 more lots we have that have not been dug up” I told her to not tell another soul about that! But we are going to go check it out next Monday if the let us. Apparently there are skulls and stuff!!! Awesome.
Well hope you found that awesome, I bet dad does. Congrats on the tomatoes and dog food…
Have a great week! I’ll be home for xmas!
Love, Elder Boothe!

The Value of Life is “Unmeasurable”

30 Sep

This week is crummy because there is a tropical storm just swirling around the place, so in reality it’s just some bad weather. Bad weather in the Philippines can become an excuse to not do anything!

Their faith will waver with rain… Sometimes things just frustrate me here but whatever! What can I do?
The best part of this week though is we found an 8 year old kid, kid of a member who is turning 9 on Sep 27, which means he is a convert baptism so that is nice!!!!
I got a bit of a cold this week so that was a real bummer, I stayed home one day because I had a fever and it was raining 😛
Man, I have changed a lot in the last two years, I don’t mean like my personality but just things you learn about life here are amazing!
We got invited to go teach some native people! Haha! They don’t really even speak Ilonggo they just speak some kind of “clicky” language. But they said if I speak HIligaynon they might be able to understand me!
One thing I have learned here is the value of life is unmeasurable. I see why mom takes pride in education. Helping other people is a better way to spend your time than anything else you could do. I think that the church provides a means of helping others and helping ourselves. Its just the purpose of the gospel.
I miss you guys like crazy! But I am working hard, I have 2 families right now that are looking promising!
Have a great week! Love you!

It’s Going To Be A Good Week!

25 Sep
It’s going to be a good week this week because we are baptizing two little part member boys so I am totally stoked for that! It has bee a little while since I have gotten to baptize anyone so this is going to be a relief!
The one kid had been attending church for a while and then we found out that his father would not let him get baptized! So we just went over one afternoon and the situation and used the situation to our advantage! Kind of like the Nephites did when the Lamanites got drunk. For a righteous cause!
The other guy just fell out of the sky! This less active member came back to church and I was just asking her about her life. She told me her son is 8 and turning 9 on Sunday and has not been baptized yet!!! That’s like finding gold baby! So we are going to baptize this guy on his birthday whoop whoop!
But we are doing pretty well, we have a lot of people we will be baptizing in October so I am excited for that! Trying to go out with a big finish and not let anything fall through!!!!
I can not believe all of my friends are just coming home! its so weird, Tanner D is coming home next week so that is just nuts! Not sure what to think about that haha!
So yeah pretty pumped to be coming home on December 17th, I am not sure about my flight stuff yet  I will let you all know when I get it!!!
Sorry it’s short just thought I would keep it sweet! Love you all!!
love, Elder Boothe!

A Hiking Shepherd of People

8 Sep

Hey y’all, sorry am I sending one massive email? yes. That’s cool though.

This week was insane, my companion got sick and started puking. I knew we should not have bought an entire kilo of squid but we are just hard core like that so we did! 😉 IT was delecious too.
After that we were down on our numbers so I went ape this week and started going out of the house at 9pm… I just can’t sit down. I have some kind of disease…. I just have to work all day long, it makes me happy. 
We seriously hiked like a solid 50 or 6000 miles this week, I joke you not. We are hiking champions-that’s all we do!!! This week I was just on my “A” game just grinding it out and finding new investigators, which was awesome because we found 3 new families that are listening to us! The down side, they are all about a 1.5 miles hike away hahahaha! But whatever!!! 
Teaching families is legit. But individuals get me as well. We found a part member family, who was just left with her grandparents who are as old a few years ago… You could totally feel the need that this 14 year old girl has for the gospel. Just something that she can hold on to in life when other things have let her go. She is so sweet and quiet and was shy to come to church because she did not have a skirt. So I went storming into the young women and demanded she be given a skirt for the next week. 
We just worked so hard core this week I have been exhausted. By morning I am a language teacher and a missionary trainer. And the rest of the day I am hiking shepard of people. So legit. I love working in the mountians. We found people in the city and my comp asked when we were going to visit them and I just say “Nah!”
Well I hope you are all doing well, I know lives grow up and people move on, but just remember I am still the punk high school jock I have always been, but the mission has just built me up into somebody that I want to be, just like my dad! 🙂
love you all! Have a great week!
prepare the way for my homecoming 🙂 

Sometimes life kicks my butt!

8 Sep
Hey guys life is great, my companion is just having a hard time or we can say “a soft time” having diarrhea all the time, but I told him just to get used to it haha!

We just lost an entire village of investigators because this lady’s husband does not want to change religion. So that was kind of a bummer! But we were having sacrament service at an investigators house and their bamboo bench broke while we were singing “Redeember of israel” the spirit was strong!

We have an awesome family we are teaching right now. In one of mountain places we have church going at a member’s house under a tarp. Pretty legit. And the mother of this family has heart isues, she walks downhill, like rocky really steep road for about 2km to go there just to go to church, and then she goes back up hill!! There are so many times here where things will just build your faith and you dont even expect that kind of stuff! Man my english sucks!

Sometimes life just kicks my butt in the misison like right now but I am managing! Seems like the longer I have been in the mission the harder it becomes! But thats what growing up means, you grow with your challenges! I have kind of liked having things get hard because you can really learn how to manage your stress and stuff!

Tell Cj I am so stoked for him he is going to have a great a mission I am sure! Missions are good for people!

I love you sorry my emails are lame but I am just old out here!

That’s the secret…

8 Sep

Hey guys! Stop holding back in your emails, you can include all the worldly things that you like it really is not going to change the fact that I am coming home in less than 4 months now haha! Don’t worry I am not torturing my companion the same way that my companion did to me haha! I have mercy on him! 

You want to know about the area huh? well basically the sisters here have the entire area surrounding the church and the city proper, so they have tons of people and everything is close, but we have all the good members haha! I dont know why it seemed like the pioneering missonaries just decided to go to all the far away places to find members, why didn’t they just stick close to the church?
So our week is just traveling from one mountain to the other! I mean I am gonig to like the top of the mountain, which is sweet, not as amazing as my last area but almost as good. I was riding ontop of a trycycle the other day coming down from the mountain I just felt how much I would miss the rice fields and the little mountains in this place! 
Our investigators are all ones that we have found. I don’t like other peoples investigators so I always go and find new ones! This week I found a family that is totally willing! Families are hard to progress but they are legit! They are so freaking high on the mountain top though!!! Wow! We had a member who was going to take us there and then we get there and the only one home was the 83 year old grandmah. and she just said “Elders I will just work with you today” I just laughed, she went inside and came out in a skirt… no joke. 83 years old, 4’6”, walking up the steep rocky road for about 2km  with two 20 year-olds… It was amazing, she was singing and laughing and I kept asking here if she was tired and she just said “oh no I need the exercise!” My mind and soul was just blown haha! 
Well my companion had a melt down this week, so I made a good call and just had some exchanges and shined his shoes, he seemed to cheer up. The language is hard for him. I keep asking him how he won a state championship in wrestling and he says “it’s different” well to be honest… its not. haha, that’s a secret of life people need to learn! 
NEWAYs. Love you all, I hope you are having good lives, prepare the way for your great son and boyfriend who will be coming home in december! Love you! Feliz navidad!!! heheeeeeeeeee! 

A Job as big as this!

8 Sep
Hello mom, I am doing pretty good! This area is hard, and having a companion who is fresh makes things even harder. The people here just get mad that he does not speak the language very well, and he is having a hard time learning the language! But I am working on helping him out with that !

Yeah there is only about 4 people who email me anymore, josh usually give me a solid paragraph and you dad and McKenna haha, I can tell I must be close to getting home by the length of all of your emails! But I am fine with that!

Being with my companion is hard, sometimes he seems to turn of his brain and does not want to try, but I have gotten good at talking to people about those kinds of things. It’s kind of funny what I have learned in the last 18 months, I mean having so much pressure and doing a job as big as a missionaries will make people progress. I can even talk to other people about their problems because its what I do all day haha!

I hope you are having a great time mom! Enjoy your sons before they are all getting married in the next couple years haha! I love you!

Think, Study and Perform

17 Aug

Well two people I know very well got married this week! One of them was my friend from high school and one of McKenna’s best friends also! Jeez people be getting married these days, I guess that comes with growing up haha! 

So cool to be here and hear people stories! I love stories, because it gives me more stories to tell! It’s like gaining experience and you can level up and stuff! Anyways here is my most awesome investigator! 
So we are in this area, that have never seen  Mormon missionary, they were given the “no” because of some NPA activity in the area. Anyways we are taking up the adventure. This place is known to have zero members! Which is unusual, you can usually find a Mormon anywhere you go in the entire island pretty much! At least anywhere within a few miles of the Church! So just putting along doing some good old fashioned “tracting” and we go to a bakeshop for some snacks, and this lady says “Elder, where are you from?” Well if someone says that, it usually means two things 1) they are a member 2)they are supposed to be a member, and in English? Something’s fishy… So I investigated! And it came to the time that I met Sister Yee. A member of 43 years, who has been inactive for about 40 haha! Her story, she went to America to work in Chicago as a caretaker and so she never went to church. While she was gone her husband got into drugs but came back from it because he started attending the baptist church! He is like the 2nd councilor in the baptist church and he is our investigator!! Wow, the dude is freaking legit investigator status, and they own a baker, gas station, and water station!! They give us so much bread. We taught them and Brother Yee gave me a hug at the end of the lesson haha! This guy is just supposed to be a Mormon so we are working on that! I don’t care if I baptize anyone else as long as I get Mr. Yee.
My companion is funny, he is like a bigger version of Briggs, just a nice guy. He always asks me the funniest questions, you can tell he has only been away from his mom for 2 months! But we get along well, it’s not super difficult but he does struggle with the language because he is not used to studying and learning. That’s at least one thing I learned in high school, how to think study and perform!
Elder Devera our housemate is going home today so that made me excited!
Love you guys! Have a great week!